Don't Let Your Shingles Take the Heat

Install solar roof panels at your Miamisburg, Dayton or Kettering, OH property

The roof is where most people install their solar panels. As long as your roof is strong and oriented in a direction that optimizes sun exposure, you can make use of roof-mounted solar panels. Rely on Star City Solar, LLC to evaluate your roof and install a solar energy system that will save you money and cut down on greenhouse gas emissions. We're based in Miamisburg, OH, but serve the Dayton and Cincinnati, OH markets.

You can reach us at 937-572-5497 to learn more about solar roof panels.

Why install solar panels on your roof?

As long as you have the space, solar panels can be installed almost anywhere. Here are a few reasons to consider installing solar panels on your roof:

  • Protect your roof from the elements
  • Don't sacrifice the ground space on your property
  • Give your property a streamlined appearance with the panels out of the way

Discuss your needs with Star City Solar, and we'll help you find the right solar power solution.

Serving Dayton, Cincinnati, and Southern Ohio