Watch Your Energy Bills Plummet

Install solar ground mounts on your Miamisburg, Dayton or Kettering, OH property

With a ground mount, a solar panel can be installed anywhere. Collect some rays in your backyard, by the pool or next to your vegetable garden. If you'd like to bring solar ground mounts to your Dayton or Cincinnati, OH area home, contact Star City Solar, LLC.

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Why should you install ground-mounted solar panels?

If you have unused land to spare, solar ground mounts are an excellent way to build a solar power system. Here are a few reasons to consider installing your panels on the ground:

  • You can capture direct sunshine if your roof is in a shaded area
  • We can install more solar panels than your roof could support
  • You'll benefit from Improved efficiency, as the panels are not heated by the roof

Turn to Star City Solar to bring ground-mounted solar panels to your property.

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