Catch Some Rays - Literally

Fit your Miamisburg, Dayton or Kettering, OH home with residential solar power

Huge amounts of solar energy beat down on your roof every day, and it all goes to waste. Why not capture this energy and put it to good use around your home? It could contribute to powering some of your energy-intensive appliances, like your water heater or your refrigerator. Discuss your energy needs with Star City Solar, LLC of Miamisburg, OH, and we'll work with you to bring a solar energy system to your home.

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4 benefits of installing solar panels at your home

Installing a solar power system is more than just a statement that you care about the environment. There are a wealth of benefits that come from installing solar panels at your home, including:

  1. Reducing the size of your carbon footprint
  2. Saving money on your energy bill
  3. Taking advantage of tax credits and other incentives
  4. Enhancing the value of your home

Consult with Star City Solar about supplementing your power usage with solar energy.

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